Let Scotland Be Scotland

Listening to the news tonight. Mostly re Covid and related media stories, but also re just about everything else. Aye, right enough. Where to begin?

Let’s start here.

Jesus wept. Scotland isn’t a “devolved nation”. God, I hate that phrase. It is, in fact, a nation that currently has a devolved government. Regardless of political colours, that’s a hugely important distinction and one that we should all recognise. Although I hae ma doots if some sitting in Holyrood share my sentiments. Although if they don’t you’d have to question why they are there at all.

Scotland is – in fact – a nation. Period. A nation in existence since 843, a nation that pre-dates its southerly neighbour by a century or two. Not that we’re counting. A nationhood that wasn’t extinguished by either the Union of the Crowns Act of 1603 or the Act of Union of 1707.

And it’s a distinction that ought to be championed by anyone who believes in a historic Scottish democracy that goes back eight centuries and asserts – rightly – that sovereignty lies with the people and not the parliament. Just as our ancestors claimed in 1320.

And that’s the thing. In 2014, the question for me wasn’t a binary one. It was, and is, much more fundamental than that.

It was – and is – “Who shall speak for Scotland?”

And related to that: “what kind of Scotland do we want our weans to live in?”, and: “what constitutional arrangement do we need to deliver this?” And, “must we always outsource our democracy to a political establishment that we haven’t voted for since 1955 and is utterly antithetical to our societal and political ethos?”

Let Scotland be Scotland.

Stay safe everybody.

I’ll meet you further on up the road.

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  1. Well said, Alec. I have supported Independence and the SNP for nigh on 60 years and totally despair at their current performance.

  2. So in a few years time we vote yes that dose that mean every 5 years we need to keep the yes no vote going . Or is it once you get your way we all need to knell to Queen Nicoliar?

    • No. We will have a written constitution and Scotlands government re-established and enshrined in law by then.

    • Cancel culture is the scourge of modern society. If we remove free speech and allow only one accepted view, then we risk going down the road of N Korea and the People’s Republic of China.

      • Don’t come on here and make one line assertions without any context. If you have reasons behind your assertion let’s hear them. If not your trolling and gaslighting. I suspect you are.

      • The removal of free speech will follow the right of protest into the history books.
        Banished by the Westminster government via their controlling MSM.
        The spiteful and unpleasant views of said UK government are fully justified and have been for more than 40 years.
        Their (Both Conservative, Labour and coalition governments) complete disregard for Scotland and its sovereign people is beyond belief.
        This present government is the worst in living memory, and most likely the worst in history.
        It deserves every malicious comment it receives.

  3. You have just proved my point. I assume you will only suffer views on this web site which support independence, even if they are spiteful and unpleasant towards our elected UK Government.

    Tolerance of contrary opinions is not a virtue the the independence movement are noted for.

  4. Lauchlan McDougal. You are proving our contention that you are trolling and gaslighting this page. You do not explain how this page is doing the unionists job. You make a contentious statement not backed by evidence. You then say we’ve proved your point because we are intolerant of other views. I asked for your evidence for your assertion you gave us none. You’re trolling.

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