“Dreaming is free” – Blondie.

By Bernie Bell

Daydreaming….what has happened to daydreaming? Folk spend so much time, staring at their ….gadgets!  What has happened to daydreaming?  I day-dream, a lot.  It’s a time, or place, where thoughts can flow into the mind – ideas, decisions. I’m sure, that for some, that’s when their poetry arrives, or prose – or equations!  Daydreaming, I feel, is an important part of human life.  But, where is there a place, or space, for day-dreaming, when folk aren’t prepared to have a moment’s peace or stillness?

Some, still do.

By Jaka Ostrovršnik (Daydreaming)
By Jaka Ostrovršnik (Daydreaming)

I believe that day-dreaming……….settles the mind, allows thoughts, ideas, stories, poetry, images, to flow into the mind; to mix, rise, sink in, clarify, join together to make connections.  All-in-all, a good, helpful thing, for the mind, to do.  Also, sometimes, something which a person has been mulling over, and mulling over, and mulling over, with no solution, can just fall into place, clearly, while that person is day-dreaming.

I see it as a way for the mind to roam and find clarity.

“When you’re troubled, send your mind out on vacation, let it wander like the wild geese, in the west.”  – Robert Plant

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  1. I’ll mention – the picture is from pre-Covid times – of course, everyone on that bus would be wearing a mask now – day-dreaming or not.

  2. I spend a lot of time day dreaming. Some might say too much, but it feeds my soul. I enjoy your writing. Keep up the good work.

    • Thank you Cath – that’s very well timed, as I’m having a ‘wobble’ at the moment. It’ll pass. It’s just how I am – I go up and down.
      Recognizing that I do so and recognizing what’s happening, helps me to deal with it. As does evidence of human kindness – mentioning no names!

      Have been gardening this morning – worked wonders.

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