Share your views on Housing in Orkney

Lack of affordable housing, high costs of renting, high cost of buying, housing lying empty: across the islands Orkney’s housing situation is a major issue.

If you have been affected by housing issues or if you have a view to share please take part in the public consultation which is online.

You can find it on the Aspire Orkney webpage.

“ASPIRE Orkney wants to gather the opinions of those who already live in Orkney – and those who are looking to move to Orkney – on the demand for housing on Orkney. Information gathered in this consultation will help inform decisions on what can be done in the short term to try and increase the supply of housing, as well as feed into longer term strategies, including the Council’s Local Development Plan and Local Housing Strategy. “

Having a moan on social media is fine but it goes nowhere. The local elections will be held on Thursday 5th of May . Housing is something local councillors can really deal with and make a difference to.

That can only happen if: 1. they know what the public thinks and 2. councillors are elected who put Housing as a priority and who will actually take action to make positive changes.

Make your voice heard and counted.

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