Sgathaich: Godzilla Singular Point.

With my wee break to give people a basic guide on the Isekai genera I got enough time to look through which series I had watched, not yet reviewed and weren’t Isekais. While I found some I remembered my love of Godzilla, then remembered there was a Godzilla anime series (not to be confused with the movies) that was on Netflix.

What’s the best way to describe Singular Point? Well you know in Star Trek TNG when there would be suddenly a bunch of confusing techno babble? yeah there’s a lot of that. MAYBE they are making sense but when you start talking about things beyond our perception due to dimensions and time you end up just starting to drown it out with a picture of a dancing monkey in your head. I think I’d need a professor to do a whole personal 1 to 1 lecture to try and get my head round exactly what was happening.

I think there is some sort of time space anomaly distortion thing called a singular point and it’s somehow causing monsters and Godzilla itself is one and if not stopped reality itself will break.

Set in the year 2030 the story is primarily divided between 2 leads: Engineer Yun Arikawa and Mei Kamino a student studying imaginary creatures. While She deals with the stuff currently giving us all a headache trying to understand Arikawa ends up doing the more actiony stuff thanks to his boss being a bit crazy and insisting on them working on a fighting robot Jet Jaguar (making his first film/tv appearance since Megalon). This makes following his story A LOT easier than Mei’s, but she gets the cute mascot character.

While the humans are all animated standard the Kaiju are all done with CG giving them a unearthly appearance compared to the regular humans, which given that they are meant to be unnatural is a plus.

While Godzilla is alluded to at the start in more than just the title of the show it takes quite some time for what we find out to be Godzilla to show up. First Kaiju we see proper is Rodan at the end of the first episode and then it’s a few episodes till another appears. Similar to Pacific rims opening we see a world that quickly turned a monster appearance into marketing fun before everything starts getting out of hand. Of note the scientists (headache coming) are all trying to figure out what the hell this thing is as well as other elements of the plot I think I can piece together.

I may need to watch this multiple times to figure it out.

Still compared to the anime movie trilogy Singular Point makes much better use of the medium to tell its story. There is a diverse amount of monsters most of whom are redesigns of classic Kaiju but with the stories designs. Godzilla himself or itself (I’m not going to look even if it has those) has a design that while easy to differentiate him from other Godzilla’s still stands clearly as Godzilla.

This is definitely a good watch for Godzilla fans, helped it’s on Netflix so an easy means to watch for people. But yeah the “explanations” of what’s going on… Just watch Jet Jaguar finally managing to get a good appearance after being shelved for several decades ok?

Rating: spear spear spear 

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