The Ness At The British Museum.

By Bernie Bell

I read an item on the ‘’ site about items from the Ness of Brodgar dig featuring in a major exhibition at the British Museum, and it’s most excellent.  Lots of good pics – background to the dig and links to the exhibition……..

I often write about Orkney archaeology in ‘The Orkney News’ – not as an archaeologist, but as someone who is interested in how what is found can indicate something about humanity in the past, and when I read the observations made by Dr. Jennifer Wexler – Project Curator of the Stonehenge exhibition – what she says chimes with that view.

I am mildly obsessed with the Ness of Brodgar…………..

The Orkney News now has a very large and wide-spread readership, so my hope is that the article on will be seen by many, which would mean publicity for the exhibition, for The Ness – and possibly much needed donations!

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  1. Sadly the British Museum official exhibition website mentioned above makes no mention of the presence of the Orkney artefacts or the Ness of Brodgar so people will need to know they are there through other means. Thanks for contributing to this process.

  2. Hi Rosie

    I was surprised to read that – I hadn’t actually looked at the British Museum website, as I won’t be going to the exhibition – going to London isn’t on the cards for me these days (no pun intended) – but I was presuming that it would feature something about the Ness artefacts being there.

    To me, this is a serious omission, partly put right by the excellent piece in and by this piece in TON.

    Strangely enough, I was dreaming about The Ness last night – we dreamers will keep on spreading the word.

    While I’m on the subject of the British Museum Exhibition – I put these in the ’comments’ to a previous item in TON – worth mentioning again…..

    1. “Aaaaand……..three paintings by Jeanne Bouza Rose will be reproduced and sold at the British Museum Shop to coincide with the exhibition.
    As they say in America – ‘GO JEANNE!’

    October 27, 2021 at 9:47 am
    Here’s a thought….
    If any Orkney News readers are going to the British Museum exhibition, how would you feel about making a wee film, or taking a lot of photos, and putting something together for TON? That is, if the BM allows it – some do, some don’t.
    That way, those who can’t get there, can still ‘see‘ it.
    This is where having difficulty travelling does annoy me, but, well, can’t be helped – that’s the way my particular cookie is crumbling!”

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