By Bernie Bell

We were eating our tea, and I went to make a toast.  Various things recently mean that I feel beleaguered – general health stuff, being got at for not casting aside all caution re. Covid, the situation in Britain ….and the world.

My toast was going to be “I will survive – we will survive!”  A most excellent song by Gloria Gaynor.

Then I remembered that that bloody man, and one of his bloody minions sang it to each other over the ‘phone – crowing – as he does.

I was puttering that he’s stolen it, and tainted it.

It’s a song of rebellion for the down-trodden, not a song for the Controllers and Dictators.

I was puttering, then Mike – my Voice of Reason – pointed out that …..It is a great song, which is sung to lift the spirits of those feeling got at and put down, and it will continue to be a great song, and be sung, loud, by folk who need a lift, long after the Dictators have gone.

And so we raised our glasses, and drank a toast to ….SURVIVING!!!

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  1. Fully agree with you, it is a brilliant song. It is so good that nothing can taint it, not Boris and not anybody else.
    But to be honest, when he used those words, my son and myself were looking at each other and burst into laughter… coming from the man who stated that Brexit was going to be a ‘titanic success’ (I will leave this to everybody’s interpretation), instantly an online video came to mind (which one can easily find when googling the lyrics and ‘bus’). A warning: Some may find the video offensive, others might just see it as what it is, comedy… in any case this would (perhaps) better fit Boris’ current situation.

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