MSP Seeks Assurances on Interlinked Fire Alarms

Rhoda Grant, Highlands and Islands Labour MSP was concerned that home insurance would be invalidated if homeowners fail to comply with the new fire alarm laws which are now in place in Scotland.

However, she has since received reassurance from the Association of British Insurers (API) that this is unlikely.

In their email to the MSP, they say: “Our members are aware of the new regulations coming into force and are unlikely to invalidate a home insurance claim for existing customers who haven’t yet complied with the new law in Scotland. Anyone who is unclear on their policy terms and conditions should speak to their insurer.”

They later go on to say that that major insurers such as, Aviva, AXA, Admiral Group and LV= have  confirmed that they will not invalidate claims where their customers have not yet been able to install the new interlinked fire and smoke alarms.

Following this response, the MSP has further enquired whether there will be a time that these new fire alarm laws will invalidate home insurance. In addition, she has enquired on whether the current position will extend to new customers who are changing provider.

Rhoda Grant MSP said:

“I’m glad that this is the current position of most home insurance companies and I wish to spread this reassuring message from API.

 “I will continue to investigate to ensure that this policy continues and  that no one will fall through the cracks. I will also continue the fight to see that help is extended to low-income households as its vitally important that we are all as safe as we can be within our homes.”

Many people in Scotland are unable to purchase the new interlinked fire alarms due to a lack of supply.

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