John Ross Scott to Contest Kirkwall East for the Orkney Greens

Councillor John Ross Scott, currently an Independent, will be contesting Kirkwall East for the Orkney Greens in the local elections to be held on Thursday May 5th.

John Ross Scott said:

“I have unfinished business to deal with, and in particular the need to bring about more transparency to its electorate and to attempt to eradicate the clique mentality that has dogged the council for years.

“The first approach to sorting that is to discard the fallacy that it is somehow better for candidates to stand as Independents rather than under a political banner, because Independents in their chameleon way invariably form a group that merges into a clique.

“The only reason I stood as an Independent in 2017 was that I was not affiliated to any political party at the time.

“Last year, however, I joined the Greens as I’m attracted by their priorities to address climate change through a community-based approach, and I believe the honest way is to let the electorate know.

“I don’t intend to push Green policies down everyone’s throats but net zero, renewable energy and a focus on community needs are important issues and I won’t be hiding them.”

John Ross Scott has already started campaigning.

“I started early by going around the new rural section of Kirkwall East that extends to the airport and the Holm Parish Boundary. It is my intention again to try and visit every one of the 2,726 homes in the ward which is the most compact in Orkney but also the most populated.

“This will be the fourth time I have walked the full ward since 2017 and I firmly believe walkabouts and chatting to folk are the real way to understand and react to the needs and views of your community.”

John Ross Scott served as Transport Chair and Leader of Scottish Borders Council, Honorary Provost of Hawick and for eight years, Chair of NHS Orkney.

The Scottish Greens will be fielding 5 candidates in the elections to Orkney Islands Council.

Green Councillor Steve Sankey commentd:

“When I was first elected in 2017 there was a palpable nervousness that I’d be a puppet of Edinburgh, which is actually quite amusing if only you knew both me and the Green Party! I always maintained an ‘Orkney First’ policy and it won me such successes such as the £5.5 million extra ferry funding in 2018.

“Greens advocate local resourcing and control, and at least with the Greens you know precisely what you’re getting, quite unlike the array of Independent Councillors who make up policy and vote on the hoof. I’d urge John’s constituents to stick with him – he will constantly challenge both his elected colleagues and Green MSPs and will absolutely put Orkney first!”

Elections to Orkney Islands Council take place on Thursday May 5th. Anyone aged 16 or over that day, resident in Orkney and registered to vote, will be able to vote. You can find out more here: Local Government Election – 5 May 2022

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  1. Stick with him? How many political parties is that he’s stood for now? If he doesn’t get elected, he’ll just join another one.

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