Orkney Stands With #Ukraine

The largest demonstration Orkney has possibly seen in decades took place today, 26th of February when ordinary Orcadians came out to show their solidarity with the people of Ukraine.

Despite the short notice for the event many turned out some with placards and flags.

The event was organised by Michelle Green. Let’s hope Orkney Islands Council is listening to the voices of islanders when it makes its decision on whether to support the Russian owned oil tanker NS Champion due to call into Flotta Oil Terminal on Tuesday 1st March.

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  1. Let’s hope the Scottish government bites the bullet and denies access to flotta to the coming Russian oil tanker. It may need the assistance of the UK government?

  2. I did the link wrong – I’ll try doing this instead……

    “This petition is taking off on Change.org, and we think you might be interested in adding your name. Sign now to help:

    Grant Emergency #VISASforUkrainians who are Family Members of UK Citizens

    Ben Farrin started this petition, and it now has 19,310 signatures

    It is a terrifying moment for people across the world!
    My wife (who was born in Ukraine with immediate family there), and I, are extremely shocked, saddened and worried about the devastating situation of Russia invading Ukraine. Innocent lives have already been lost – many more will no doubt die and the situation is escalating quickly. Cyber attacks are stopping people getting access to money, electricity is being cut, and deadly weapons are being used. It is a terrible situation.
    This is a petition to help all those Ukrainian people in the UK, (who are either now British citizens or UK residents, and whom will have worked hard and brought value to the country), to get the British government to grant an emergency VISA allowing their immediate family to enter the UK.
    Furthermore, it saddens me to the core that as it stands, nothing of any impact is being done by the UK government to stop this unprovoked attack on Ukraine. People in Ukraine are stuck, surrounded by an imminent threat of attack from all directions, with no commercial flights available to leave. It is a very scary situation.
    My wife moved to England 20 years ago and has brought so much value to the UK, having worked very hard and now currently works for a reputable London based IT company. Yet all we can do is wait and watch with great anxiety about what will happen next whilst her immediate family pray and hope to survive. Rumour has it her home town, where her immediate family live, is said to be attacked TONIGHT!
    As it stands, people in Ukraine are able to enter into Poland and this petition, if approved would allow family members of British citizens to reach safety, and reach their family, by granting them access to the UK from Poland or any other country they are able to flee to.
    Sanctions already made are clearly not enough and if we sit back and do nothing innocent people will DIE!”

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