Letters: “Please, don’t choose apathy”

Dear Orkney News,

Politicians want to be elected. Therefore, they naturally have a tendency to promote policies which are most likely to appeal to those demographics who are more likely to vote. This means that the interests of any demographic group, which consistently displays apathy towards voting, will tend not to be considered in political strategies. In the UK, younger people tend not to vote and nor do people living in poverty – there is often considerable overlap between these two demographics.

Voting apathy thus has a tendency to create a self-defeating cycle by which the interests of those who do not participate in the political process are less likely to be considered by politicians and this leads in turn to even more voting apathy.

Every single person with a right to vote has the potential to change this. For decades now, the proportion of people choosing not to vote has been increasing. Apathy seems to be winning. 

Orkney Greens recognise this and seek to address it. Our manifesto contains policies which promote a fairer and kinder society for all, we aim to enfranchise every demographic, especially young people, and to tackle fuel and food poverty in Orkney.

Please, don’t choose apathy: please ensure you are correctly listed on the electoral register, request a postal or proxy vote if you need to do so, then please vote. Thank you.

Yours, Helen Woodsford-Dean, Co-convenor Orkney Greens and Scottish Green Party prospective candidate for West Mainland ward in forthcoming OIC elections


Local elections will take place on Thursday May 5th. Anyone aged 16 or over that day, resident in Orkney and registered to vote, will be able to vote.  If you are not registered to vote you can register up to Monday 18 April at www.gov.uk/register-to-vote

Anyone registered to vote but not listed as a postal voter can apply to vote by post by visiting www.orkney-shetland-vjb.co.uk and downloading the application form, which must be returned by 5pm on Tuesday 19 April, or sooner.

Any questions contact Electoral Registration Officer for Orkney and Shetland:  01856 876222 or email ero@orkney.gov.uk

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