Ringing Out The Bells Across Europe For Peace In #Ukraine

The bells of St Magnus Cathedral, Kirkwall, rang out for 7 minutes on Thursday 3rd of March at 12 noon in solidarity with the people of Ukraine.

Cathedral bell ringer, Inga Adams, was taking part in the event which took place across Europe organised by The European Association of Cathedral Builders, Minster Builders and Builders’ Works.

The Orkney News livestreamed the event in a very windy and cold Kirkwall.

All those who stood to listen found it very moving.

The European Association of Cathedral Master Builders said churches “from Norway to Malta and from Spain to Ukraine” participated.

PARIS LIVE, Notre Dame Cathedral is ringing bells for support of Ukraine (March 3, 2022)

“Europe is burning,” the association said in a statement. “With the ringing, we pray for all who are affected by this war. With the ringing, we pray for peace.”

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