Skaill Farm Excavation Resumes In July

By Bernie Bell

‘Skaill’ is quite a common place name in Orkney  –, and the term has extended from place, to object, in the name of Skaill Knives – named thus because a lot of them were found at Skara Brae, which is on….the Bay of Skaill…

The Bay of Skaill and Skaill House are the most well-known of the Skaills, but ……in the island of Rousay – known as ‘The Egypt of the North‘ due to its abundance of archaeology – excavations at Skaill Farm have, in recent years, been revealing layers and layers of habitation and use.

The dig at Skaill Farm – Rousay, will resume this coming July.  For more details…..

And what might they un-earth, this year?


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