Reporting Marine Litter

Salmon Scotland, the trade body representing Scotland’s salmon producers has set up a reporting mechanism for people to report waste, regardless of the source. The intention is that salmon farmers close to the location can help remove it.

A dedicated inbox – – has been created, and reports should ideally contain a ‘what3words’ exact location and photo.

The information will be collated centrally and reported to local teams for recovery.

The new measures cover the entire area where salmon farms are based – the north-west Highlands, the Western Isles, Argyll and Bute, Shetland and Orkney. 

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  1. I had an email from someone I know who had read this article, commenting that it would be interesting if they would help clear the ad hoc collections made by the public.
    I agreed and answered that the trouble is that well-intentioned people pick up items of rubbish and leave them in a neat little heap – but often it’s not an ‘official’ collecting point with a skip provided, and the stuff just stays there.

    Better than it going into the sea, but not ideal.

    It’s very good that there is now a method of reporting any of these ‘collections’ we come across – regardless of the source.

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