Eamonn Keyes -Friday Night Gig in the Orkney Club

Hi all, 

I have not been as well as I should be this few months, but I’m hopefully on the mend to some degree, and to that end I have decided to dip a toe in the water for the first time in two and a half years.

As a result I will be putting on a very low key gig on Friday night 25th March. 

I’ve stripped it down- not even a real PA system- and hence I want a smaller more intimate affair with friends in the club, who have been encouraging me.

I will be playing in the bar of The Orkney Club in Kirkwall, starting about 8 pm. Admission free.

A lot will be acoustic, although with backing I have already recorded myself, and possibly electric territory later if I feel up to it.

I’ll be covering everything from 50s , 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s and some more modern, pop, country, rock, funk, soul and whatever, through Eagles, Beatles, Ian Dury, Neil Young, Police, Clapton, Van Morrison, Joe Cocker, The Who, Pink Floyd, Stevie Wonder, Queen, Peter Gabriel, Dire Straits and many more possibilities.

Come and see me if you’re at a loose end!    Any abuse on the night welcome!

Eamonn Keyes

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  1. Hi Eamonn – thing is – I‘m still not going anywhere indoors where there will be unknown people. I don’t so much mind the idea of dying, but I do mind the idea of being seriously ill again, and of putting Mike through what he went through when I was ill. I’ll avoid that if I possibly can.

    So, much as we’d love to – and you have no idea how much we’d like to – really – starved of live music for two years, and we know how well you play – but – better safe than sorry. Just can’t risk it. Not prepared to risk it.

    Break a leg – or is a guitar string more applicable?

    Play one for me anyway!

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