Sgathaich: Ratchet and Clank 3

Ah properly rested and got a PS2 game freshly completed so time to write about it (I’m also playing the original Kingdom Hearts on the PS2 so that may come in the future).

The third in the Ratchet and Clank games ( as opposed to Kingdom Hearts where the 3rd game is like 8th and there are major plot details you would have missed and have no idea what’s going on if you only played 1 and 2). The reason I am playing this and not the other 2 is for several reasons. Number 1 is this is widely accepted as the best by a long way. Number 2 is unlike other classic games I did not originally own this and got it second hand so of course I’m going to go for the best, also I kind of did the 1st remake that was a tie in to the movie… also a remake of the 1st. It’s important to note however if you have saved data of 1 and 2 on a memory card you can get bonuses in this game.

Since this is the third game the story doesn’t really introduce us to our leads in a how they met kind of way or who they were. The sort of introduction is in the form of a movie that Clank is starring in, apparently part of a James Bond esc series called agent Clank. Then we get news reports of Tyhrranoids attacking the planet Velden giving us our first level.

The game plays as a 3-dimensional 3rd person shooter with your blasting insane levels of weaponry while dodging incoming fire. The duo working together to do platforming or helping out with blowing (profanity) stuff up. I’m not sure if I was failing to find a camera button but often in the larger arenas I found it very hard to dodge incoming fire from anywhere but in front, made worse there was no quick lock on to things NOT right in front of me and at ground level resulting in needless damage and much frustration in later sections.

After the opening level we are introduced to the best addition to the franchise this game gave us, its villain Dr Nefarious and his assistant Lawrence. We are introduced to our greatest villain in the series (so good they had him literally boot out the villain for the first game in the movie and game recreation and replace him, something everyone was ok with cause he’s just that much better) In the form of him doing a tv announcement of doom with Lawrence giving the sign language version for the hard of hearing. Yes, this game is hilarious and it’s mostly thanks to the doctor.

It plays its over the top silliness all the way to its gameplay with all the mad weapons you get. Some going for over the top destruction like firing large missiles, and others turn people into ducks.

While playing through the levels if you go off the intended track or explore a little deeper into hidden areas there are plenty of rewards to find such as gear or gizmos that improve your character more than just firing the big gun.

As well as the standard run and gun elements there was several mini game esc sections that play differently. These could be vehicle sections that are part of the main run and gun bits or parts like the interactive vid comics that tell the tale of Captain Qwark and his history with nereis, taking the form of 2 d sidescrollers.

There is plenty more than just that, such as finding the titanium screws to get additional rewards or beating challenges to unlock skill points to activate cheats. All things rewarding you for playing better. (this was before achievements).

I was looking forward to playing this game from reputation (and that video of nefarious) so was happy reviewing this gave me an excuse to finally hunt down a copy. don’t expect the rest of the series, I have no desire to get 1 and 2 and the rest are all on consoles I don’t own.

Rating: spear spear spear spear spear 

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