Yay!  The Smoke Alarms Arrived!

By Bernie Bell

When the new laws came in about having  more efficient smoke alarms in our houses https://theorkneynews.scot/2022/02/01/funding-support-to-install-fire-alarms/  we ordered new smoke alarms – and they weren’t arriving, and they weren’t arriving and they weren’t arriving. 

We then realised that, of course an awful lot of people will have been ordering the same things, at the same time.

So, having assured ourselves that we wouldn’t be penalised for not having them installed by the set date as long as we’d shown willing and ordered them, we waited patiently.

And today – they arrived!

Another Job-For-Michael – not being sexist, just knowing my limitations. I have my abilities – Mike has his.

Tech. and me….don’t agree!

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