Mags’ 21st: Upcoming Track by Corner House

Available to download on Friday 15th of April will be a new roots single written by Orcadian fiddler Louise Bichan – Mags’ 21st

Mags’ 21st is the new roots single from Corner House, a young American quartet with Scottish ties. The traditional track written by Louise Bichan was for her brother Magnus’ 21st birthday.

Corner House comprises: Louise Bichan on fiddle, mandolin player Ethan Setiawan, cellist Casey Murray and guitarist Ethan Hawkins. The foursome met studying together at the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts.

Mags’ 21st is the first single from their upcoming debut album, How Beautiful It’s Been. Due for release on Friday 27th May, the album will involve a unique blend of indie rock and pop with bluegrass, celtic, old time sounds.

Louise Bichan said:

Mags’ 21st is a catchy, slightly crooked and unusual tune, inspired by both my roots in Scotland, as well as my musical experiences in Boston and at Berklee College of Music, particularly bringing together skills I’ve learnt from fantastic fiddlers like Darol Anger and Bruce Molsky.

“We were really pleased with the arc of the track – it builds in a nice way and ends fairly high energy, with the addition of drums really supporting that. We wanted to channel a party atmosphere and it hopefully lets audiences hear a bit more of what’s to come from us on our debut album.”

Mags’ 21st sees Corner House joined by Jordan Perlson on drums and Viktor Krauss on double bass. The single was recorded in a studio in the Hudson Valley, New York, with engineer Eli Crews and Edinburgh-born producer Maeve Glichrist, who also helped arrange the track with Corner House.

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