Sowing Wildflowers

One of the easiest ways anyone with a garden, or a balcony, can support wildlife is to sow a mixture of wildflowers.

As the better weather (hopefully) sets in this weekend thoughts may turn to gardening – or at least potting up containers. A mixture of wildflower seeds sown now will reap wonderful benefits for pollinators.

The RSPB have produced a list of popular seed mixes which are easy to grow and which are great for wildlife.

  • Ox-eye daisy (white)
  • Cornflower (blue)
  • Phacelia (purple)
  • Common knapweed (pink)
  • Forget-me-not (blue)
  • Bird’s-foot-trefoil (yellow)
  • Foxglove (pink, white, purple)
  • Viper’s bugloss (purple)
  • Poppy (red, yellow, orange)
  • Corn marigold (yellow) 

And gardeners – leave some dandelions.

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