Letters: “Watching the “Johnson Crew” run riot”

Dear Orkney News,

Watching the “Johnson Crew” run riot in their SW1 postcode has me asking the question; does the Parliamentary Conservative Party realise that the system that has allowed them to be the most successful political party in history, is being torn down around them, by their supposed own side?

The system to which I refer has always ensured that the “right sort” are in positions of power, authority and influence. Since 2016 we have witnessed a non-stop assault on the fabric of the UK system by the very people who have benefited directly from it.

Brexit lies, “Remoaners”, proroguing Parliament, Cummings, Hancock, PPE contracts for my mates, Patel, Paterson, Jenrick , “Party-gate” and Johnson himself are just a selection of the UK systems failure to self-regulate.

As a republican supporter of Scottish independence I consider all this a bonus, but if I was a person committed to the status quo of the UK, I would be horrified at the damage being wrought.

There was a time when anyone who it was publicly acknowledged had transgressed or was the person in charge of an organisation which had, they would take responsibility and resign, in the full knowledge that if the failure was not criminal or totally catastrophic, they would eventually be welcomed back into the fold.

It now seems that there is no threshold that triggers an exit. If this truly is the case, then the unwritten system of UK governance is beyond redemption and seems almost at the point of total collapse.

So, my basic question for the denizens of Westminster is; are you blind, weak, stupid or venal?

Yours, Jon Southerington, Orkney

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