Sgathaich: In the Land of Leadale

It’s Isekai time. I think I’ll start doing that whenever an anime I review is an Isekai. Of note in the current anime season ongoing only one show I’m watching is an Isekai, so in the 6 or show series that will be reviewable once it’s over you won’t have to deal with me talking about one as much (a bunch of regular fantasy series without someone from the real world being the lead, don’t see much of that these days). Anyway onto the review.

So let’s check out our Isekai check list. OP protagonist so nothing is really a challenge to them, Yep. Setting that was a video game the protagonist used to play, Check. Lead Character dies in the first few minutes which takes them to said new world, that’s there too.

Ok so we got through what’s often very common in many Isekais so let’s go with the story.

The show opens with a power outage hitting a large city and showing a woman on life support in a hospital also being hit by it. Next our Lead Cayna a blond high elf is being woken up in a room by a cute brown-haired girl. Cayna looking a mix of confused and tired looks around since none of that makes sense, before then realizing she can move. We find out she was the girl on life support and often used playing the video game Leadale a VR MMO game as means of experiencing things. She quickly starts to put things together when talking to a sort of AI that her real body has died and her mind has somehow entered this world and she now exists as her character.

The first episode mainly serves to set the world and Cayna’s character. We find it’s been several hundred years since the game apparently ended so nations are now different than what they were for her. Also she has a reputation as a terrifyingly powerful witch from her days doing pvp.

The Anime is a comedy and we get a full feeling of that from one of the more creative elements of this show, Cayna has children who are now fully grown. Two high elves who I assume are meant to be biological despite her never having had a partner, and one dwarf.

I found the show as some rather light and relaxing viewing. While nothing ever really pulled me in like some other shows it was nice seeing how Cayna adapted to this new life, though it doesn’t do that to the degree of other shows that go into the actual living of a new world.

We don’t get too much of a major ongoing plot while some things are hinted at. While meeting some other former players Cayna concludes that Leadale ending may have been due to reaction over the fact she died while logged in. We also find with other players they seem to have shown up in the world before her at different times. There is also a quest to get to the other towers (which seem to have been guild bases back during the game days) and meet their guardians. But since this is just one season much of any long term plot threads go unresolved and are unlikely to ever unless a second season is made.

I did enjoy the show as it was cute and the characters were fun to watch but it’s nothing special just a fun little ride with some nice humour.

Rating: spear spear spear

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