By Bernie Bell

Here in Orkney, the weather suddenly changed after a long wet winter.  Saturday was beautiful – sunny with a light breeze.  We went for a walk, then went into Stromness to do the weekly shop at the Co-op.  Mike did the shopping while I leant against a wall in the car park, soaking up the rays.

I’m not bone idle – I just still don’t go indoors where there will be unknown people.  We weighed up who would be less or more able to deal with Covid, and so, Mike wears his mask, keeps away from people, and goes for it.

I was a bit concerned about a dog which had been left in a car – two of the windows were open a little bit – but I, myself, had got out of our car because I was too hot, even with the door wide open.

This is where having a vivid  imagination does me no favours.  I was thinking about what death from over-heating would be like – horrific.

I kept an eye on the dog and wouldn’t have been happy to leave while it was still in the car. Fortunately, the owner of the car came back with his shopping and all was well.

But the situation had got me thinking, and I thought I’d write a timely reminder – especially as, when the weather changes suddenly we don’t always adapt quickly to the different circumstances.


THINK before leaving them in a car on a sunny day, even with a bit of air – a bit of air sometimes isn’t enough.

It might be a better plan to leave the dog at home if you know that it will be left in the car for any length of time.

I might be coming across as a bossy-boots-know-it-all – maybe I am – but I am also someone who hates the idea of suffering, especially avoidable suffering.

Where a dog can be happy on a sunny day

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