Orkney’s Community Council Elections

Orkney’s Community Councillors are up for election. If you would like to become a Community Councillor representing where you live your nomination form must be in by 5pm on Wednesday 15 June 2022.

There are 20 Community Councils across Orkney. Many of the positions may be uncontested but where there is a vote it will be held by postal ballot. The results will be declared on  Friday 15 July 2022.

Most of the Community Councils have 7 or 8 councillors with the exception of Kirkwall & St Ola which has 12.

To find out more about Orkney’s Community Council’s click on this link: Community Councils

  1. Nomination forms for every Community Council area, except for Eday, Flotta, North Ronaldsay and Papa Westray, can be obtained from Democratic Services, Orkney Islands Council, Council Offices, School Place, Kirkwall Orkney, KW15 1NY. Telephone 01856 886622 or email Democratic.Services@orkney.gov.uk. Forms are also available on the Community Council section of the Orkney Islands Council website.
  2. Completed nominations must be delivered to Democratic Services, Orkney Islands Council, no later than 5pm on Wednesday 15 June 2022.
  3. An election will be held by postal ballot in each Community Council area unless uncontested.
  4. Ballot papers will be issued around Friday 24 June 2022 and must be returned to Democratic Services, Orkney Islands Council by 5pm on Monday 11 July 2022.
  5. The following procedures apply to Eday, Flotta, North Ronaldsay and Papa Westray ONLY. An alternative electoral procedure has been established for the Community Councils of Eday, Flotta, North Ronaldsay and Papa Westray. This procedure, which does not involve the lodging of nomination papers, will be utilised instead of the procedures used by other Community Councils. Notes setting out the procedure to be followed will be included on the back of the ballot papers which will be posted to all electors on the Register for the above four islands around Friday 24 June 2022.
  6. Results will be declared on Friday 15 July 2022.

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