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  1. Mike went to the Balfour Hospital to have an X-ray. Everyone was wearing masks, social distancing, and hand sanitizing – which was A GOOD THING.

    And yet Maes Howe is now open to the public. A confined space. No ventilation.


  2. I live in the North East of Scotland and can say that the majority of people have given up all precautions. There are some, like myself and my husband, still wearing masks but we are very much the minority and we are often told ‘you don’t need to wear a mask now’ by kindly passersby.

  3. And I’m getting tired of people implying that I’m somehow being neurotic because I/we are still being careful I was recently told that I’d “have to mix with people again sometime” I said “No I don’t – not until I’m ready.”
    They appear to expect me to follow the sheep, over the cliff edge.
    It is wearing though, on top of everything else, to have folk making out that I’m the one who is ‘wrong’ in my actions.
    Fact is – I’m getting more and more that I’m not sure I want to mix with them anyway!

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