Bears…and Spring

By Bernie Bell

Paintings & Poems by McB – Bear pic by JBR!

Mike heard a cuckoo at the back of our house a few days ago, which we took to be a sign that it is Spring – whatever the weather is doing!

Meanwhile, friend Jeanne is in America visiting family in New York State.  She sent us a photo of a small black bear who visits her garden!  She says it’s a sign of Spring for them when the bear wakes up and starts to roam.  He’s a regular visitor, wanders around in the garden, up the steps to the porch, walks along the porch, and down the steps at the other end.  In the photo he’s looking straight at Jeanne, completely un-concerned…

We’re so chuffed when we see a heron in our garden, or the harriers, or a hare, or Orkney Voles – but …..a bear!!!!! 

I told her to keep an eye on her picernic baskets – Yogi Bear reference.

The photo of Jeanne’s visiting bear reminded me of a set of pictures with poems which Mike made for me for my birthday (which is in late April) last year – especially the black bears by the mound.  He caught their movement, and how their paws turn at the end of their legs…….

Bears – emerging in the Spring.

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