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Expanded 4G Coverage in Orkney

4G mobile coverage has been expanded across Scotland with the £28.75 million programme now at its half way point.

28 phone masts have been built and activated. 27 are on track to be connected by 2023.

The project is being delivered by the Scottish 4G Infill (S4GI) programme. S4GI is delivered in partnership with WHP Telecoms Ltd and the Scottish Futures Trust. S4GI is backed by £17.48 million Scottish Government funding and £11.27 million from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) to support activity in the Highlands and Islands.

Mobile network operator EE is providing 4G services in all except one of the new sites.

Masts in Deerness and Burray have been erected and are now live to add to the coverage already in place in Orkney.

Update on sites still in the development stage in Orkney

Rackwick: Construction is completed with transmission connection ongoing, and EE has agreed to use this site. Once the transmission connection is completed, we will be able to forecast service availability

Stronsay: Construction is complete with power complete and transmission connection ongoing. Once the transmission connection is completed, we will be able to forecast service availability

To find out more click on this link: Scottish 4G Infill Programme Update

The Scottish Government’s Economy Secretary Kate Forbes said:

“The Scottish Government is helping more residents and workers get online and tackling some of Scotland’s longest standing mobile phone signal black spots.

“The availability of 4G services has proven transformational for members of these communities, who have taken advantage of new connectivity to enhance how they work, communicate with friends and family, access public services, purchase products and services and consume entertainment.

“The Scottish Government wants to build on that, through our National Strategy for Economic Transformation, to capitalise on the ability of enhanced digital connectivity to encourage innovation and growth. We will all need to work together to create a more prosperous, fairer and more sustainable nation.”

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  1. Unfortunately, in reality the erection of these 4G masts is not benefitting many people. The mast in South Ronaldsay (which serves Burray), for example, only has EE on it – so people with other providers gain nothing. In addition, the EE signal still does not reach a parts of St Margaret’s Hope just a couple of miles away. We are left with the same 2G/3G service and very patchy coverage.

  2. Our farm in west mainland is still largely a not-spot with no mobile signal at all. I’m often working alone & if I have an accident & can’t move I would be left with no way of accessing emergency services other than the faint chance that a 112SMS text message might get through. Same for any of the walkers & cyclists often in the area. I have offered a number of mobile providers free use of any of our land for a mast, but no one took up the offer.

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