Australian Band Inspired by Scotland

The beauty of the Scottish landscape has inspired thousands of musicians, artists, poets and writers – but not just those that live in Scotland. One band who have never been to Scotland have not only been inspired to compose a work about the Scottish Highlands but they have incorporated into the piece the bagpipes.

Australian Michael Quinn composed Scottish Highlands. He is joined in SM2 by Michael Stewart, Steve Brady and James Morrisson on drums, with support from the Redland Sporting Club Pipe Band and the beautiful voice of Melissa Pilkington on lead vocals.

Michael Stewart said he had written to Denny Laine who helped Paul MacCartney with Mull of Kintyre and thanked him because his documentary helped them appreciate what it meant to marry up the Scottish Bagpipes to the music 

The song was engineered by Steve Brady and Michael Quinn. You can give it a listen here:

Future compositions are to be one inspired by Glencoe and another about Orkney.

Ardvek Castle on Loch Assynt Credit Kenny Armet

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