Sgathaich: Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

This game has been consuming a lot of my spare time since I got it. This all means I got a very good look at the content in the game with only the very far end game final hunts that are long past the final boss remaining.

Sunbreak is the expansion to Rise. To play the Sunbreak content you need to have completed almost all of Rise (basically beat the regular final boss, I don’t think you need to go to the true final boss to leap into Sunbreak’s content). This does mean there is no hand holding going into the new content.

Sunbreak adds to the content of Monster Hunter Rise with the addition of so far two main maps – the citadel and the jungle – as well as a bunch of new monsters. These include the three lords, the final boss, a few returning monsters that weren’t in Rise such as Gore Magala and variants/sub species of some of the monsters introduced in Rise. This is all done in the new Master rank (which used to be called G rank in previous editions). These are the top-level hunts with monsters even harder than the High rank ones so even previous monsters have some new attacks that as well as catching the unprepared off guard are even more devastating.

The story is set after the events of Rise with you having stopped the rampage (I don’t know if it says something different if you haven’t beaten the true final boss yet). You got on a hunt to fight a non-native monster that has moved into Kamura’s territory for some reason (so right away you fight a monster that you never faced in the main game). Just after you take it down you’re attacked by a strange wolf like creature before the sister of Rondine who was a npc in Rise called Fiorayne helps you to fend off the beast.

You learn that monsters from the kingdom are acting strange and migrating away thus putting danger to other lands, it’s up to you to find the source of the problem and stop it before a potential catastrophe may haps worse than what the rampage would foretell.

So mainly its more of Rise. More monsters and locations with the same core gameplay, sure there’s a few new abilities plus the ability to swap between two ability loud outs with a somewhat quick move. But mainly if you liked or disliked Rise will be the core factor for purchasing this.

There are other new features. Gone sadly are the rampage hunts which had you use npcs and siege weaponry to hold off waves of monsters. While I know some people didn’t like them I found them quite enjoyable… assuming you got other people, it was not something to do alone. Instead there are Follower Quests which will have you and one of the characters you have met hunt specific monsters. It’s basically a standard solo hunt but with say one of the twins helping you as well, don’t rely on them too much though the monsters seem to always target me instead of them. The other new type of hunt is the afflicted monsters. These hunts are unlocked after beating the final boss and the items dropped are used for upgrading weapons to rank 10. They feature stronger and more aggressive versions of monsters which a few additional mechanics I’ll leave you to discover.

The game already has new free additional content planed with Seething Bazelgeeze and Lucent Nargacuga coming in August with much more content planed into 2023. So for seasoned Monster Hunter fans this is just the beginning, get back out your wire bugs and continue to ask yourself why they keep bringing back that one monster you hate to fight over and over… or perhaps something new to hate.

rating: spear spear spear spear spear 

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