Who Speaks for Scotland?

I’m trying to avoid a debate amongst a few people whom about 0.3% of the population will decide which one will control a Scotland that hasn’t voted for their party since 1955, but it’s tough. Especially when they’re asked “are there any circumstances in which you’d allow another referendum on Scottish independence?”


Regardless of your position on the constitutional debate, the framing of that question confirms that denying democracy and fairness is part of the system – no matter who has a majority in London.

This is what we’re up against, and this is why asking for permission to decide from people who are hardwired to refuse it is a fool’s errand. So the Scottish Government’s decision to raise the issue directly with the Supreme Court looks increasingly like a really smart piece of business. By shortening the process, it removes any debate about legality (regardless of ruling) and guaranteeing three separate and different routes to a fresh vote: Section 30, lawful referendum or plebiscite election.

So it turns out there was a plan B after all. And a plan C. And suddenly all those folk banging on about Catalonia and wildcat referendums have gone awfy quiet.

We need to ignore the noise from people who will soon have nothing to do with us and focus on what matters – which is returning Scotland to blissful normality.

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  1. This is just absurd, or even grotesque!

    In “normal” circumstances (i.e. the status quo, which is anything but normal!), the demographic imbalance between the component parts of the UK state produces a huge deficit with regard to the democratically expressed will of the Scottish electorate.

    As there are nine English voters for every Scottish one, the parliament at Westminster ends up with the configuration chosen by the former.

    Perhaps this would matter little if the choices of the two electorates coincided.

    However, as we well know, this is seldom the case, and currently, indeed for some time now, the colour of the respective representatives is completely disparate.

    So we have now arrived (again!) at the point where the government responsible for Scotland’s present and future well-being will be appointed by some weak-chinned toff who, in turn, will have been chosen by the members of a party supported by a minority of the English electorate but which is continually scorned in Scotland and which is total anathema to the vast majority of Scots!

    Just absurd, grotesque, ridiculous.

    Too long in this condition!

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