Are Scotland’s Battlefields Protected From Development?

Do you think Scotland’s battlefields are adequately protected from being built over? Do you think they should be respected as an important part of our history and culture ? Historic Environment Scotland would like to hear your views and have published a consultation which you can access here: Battlefields: Planning Best Practice – feedback on a report by Lichfields UK

Culloden image credit: David Dixon

Link: Scotland’s Battlefields

Battles were decision makers in our history which decided the fate of usually, but not always, the losers – consigning their side to a lost cause. A leader or a King slain or betrayed and captured could often define the course of our nation for decades – even longer. Should we let property developers concrete over that history to build houses, especially when so many empty properties and brown field sites are available in Scotland?

After the public sent two petitions to the Scottish Parliament calling for stronger protection for Scotland’s battlefields, HES responded to this widespread concern by commissioning the evidence based report. It is now the turn for the public to have their say.

The report concludes that while the Inventory and the policy protections which exist around it are functioning as intended, a number of changes could improve its working, provide greater clarity both in terms of designation and guidance for those working with battlefields, manage battlefield archaeological impact more effectively and thereby promote a greater confidence in the system.

Battlefields HES Consultation
Battle of Largs by William Hole

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