Letters: Apology Required #EnergyPriceCrisis

Dear Orkney News,

Before Alistair Carmichael can join the long-running campaign for fair energy prices for folk in Orkney and Shetland – and indeed all off-gas areas across the Highlands and Islands – I think he needs to apologise to his constituents.

It was the same Mr Carmichael, after all, that used his position as Secretary of State for Scotland in the ConDem Coalition to warn us all against voting for independence. He was a leading voice in that Better Together campaign, standing shoulder-to-shoulder with his Tory masters as they told us that independence would add up to £875 on our energy bills.

Well that scaremongering certainly worked. Orkney recorded the highest ‘No’ vote in Scotland and now we’re still part of an increasingly right-wing and insular UK, out of the EU and with escalating inequality. We are ‘led’ by a zombie Tory government, still waiting for a new PM to emerge with an credible solution to a cost-of-living crisis that many now forecast will be measured in human lives.

Despite being a net exporter of clean, green electricity, Orkney and other areas of the Highlands and Islands now face electricity unit costs of 51p from 1st October – 240% higher than in 2019. Meanwhile in the north of Norway, also a significant generator of electricity from renewables, the unit price of electricity is fixed at 3.5p for three years. Norwegian consumers are protected from the wholesale gas price increases in a way that the UK’s broken energy system has failed protect us – instead protecting private energy firms.

Given all this, I would suggest that after issuing his apology our MP should take the ‘bold action’ of signing up for the newly created Scots Lib Dems for Indy group – and maybe pick up a form for Liam McArthur too – and join the campaign to create a fairer more equal Scotland.

We need to build an energy system in an independent Scotland that will make Scotland’s energy work for Scotland’s people, not shareholders.

Yours etc

Robert Leslie, Orkney

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  1. Well said Robert Leslie. Carmichael has had a cosy life since 2014 and is it likely he will turn his coat and support Scotland and it’s people to Independence?

  2. I really feel for the folk of the Highlands and Islands. They will face a disproportionate cost for energy while the energy generated on their doorstep lines the pockets of shareholders. I hope we all get through this crisis without loss of life but I also hope that the memory of what we are facing and what is yet to come, sticks in the minds of my fellow countrymen and women.

    Time to steer a new path with nationalised energy in the hands of the people who need it and as part of a proud and independent European nation.

  3. I think I’ve said this before, but I’m as puzzled as ever.

    I can understand prices going up for something if there is a shortage of that something and the suppliers have to put prices up to be able to …supply.

    I honestly don’t understand the situation we are in now. There isn’t a shortage of energy – it’s there – the energy companies are making lots of money – yet the public are paying ludicrously high tariffs – and all of a sudden too.

    Some part of this is said to be because Russia is withholding gas – but but but but……other sources of energy are still there – the energy companies are making gazillions out of it, while we’re looking at our ‘lecci bill going up and up.

    I’m serious – I don’t understand it – the energy is there – they are making money hand over fist – the public are in desperate straits.

    I’m not an economist, but I’m also not stupid and I can look at a situation and assess what’s happening – and what’s happening is clearly unbalanced and un-real.
    It’s un-real – all this worry and distress folk are going through and will go through – all the small businesses going out of business and the resulting un-employment etc. etc. etc. and….the reason why IS NOT REAL!

    And what difference will me blowing up like this about it make? None whatsoever.

    Good man Robert – and all who point the finger at those producing this situation. If you actually understand what is happening and why – please explain it to me in a very idiot-proof way. I’m serious.

  4. The Tories are creating a false narrative.. the Ukrainian war has litre or no impact on the overall cost of energy production in the uk…This crisis is politically created choice of the Tory government.. they could at the stroke of a pen un-link the apparent cost of energy production from the cost of gas….They are choosing not to and plunging swathes of the population into destitution!!

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