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Tracy Walks The Coastline For RNLI Fundraiser

Tracy Hannam is in Orkney continuing her solo 12,000 mile UK coast path hike Tracy is raising funds for the RNLI and can be spotted carrying a huge pack bright clothes and her trusted big Agnes tent.

Tracy has already completed over 6,000 miles, since July 2020 despite 2 lock downs and a broken ankle.

You can follow Tracy’s journey on her Facebook page: Walk with me, Tracey and Aggies Epic hike around the UK Coastline

Back pack on back... a poem 

My body said thank you as the pack sat on my back,
Where have you been women get on that coast track,
Plod on and reach your goal get to the finish line,
Where the sand is my carpet and the sea air is mine,
To inhale everyday as I plod tight along,
Listening to the seagulls song, 
Telling me keep going as free as a bird, 
Don't listen to others who say it's absurd,
For a woman of 55 to walk the coast, 
Where she heals her soul and spreads the most,
Of all she can of her journey and story, 
Determination strength and glory,
Of a life in the wild life free to be,
The woman I am to wake up and see,
The mission I'm on has not been completed,
I won't give up and I won't be defeated,
So come with me walk with me talk and express, 
The things that empower you not make you feel less,
Than the woman you are and that man standing tall,
Let the coast be your comfort so that you don't fall,
To that place life sometimes takes us as we struggle to breathe,
Cause we lost the way and started to grieve,
The person we were the dreams we created,
4 walls surround us and we're feeling deflated,
Put on your hiking boots and that dusty back pack,
Get yourself outdoors and back on track,
Smile and realise you're simply amazing,
Grasp now at the new life that you have been craving.

Tracey Hannam

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