Sgathaich: Miss Shachiku and the Little Baby Ghost

Another series from the last season I just stumbled upon. This time rather than any grand adventure we look to UNBEARABLE CUTENESS!

Like several series that have come out of Japan in the last few years Miss Shachiku and the Little Baby Ghost (yes once again we have a series with a long name that I can’t find a proper way to abbreviate) is set about a person who is affected by the Japanese problem of people being overworked in offices well beyond breaking point (this is a real and major problem that leads to a large number of deaths).

So our lead is at her work desk working well into the night after everyone has left, when a strange voice starts telling her to leave. Looking for it she eventually finds a little ghost girl holding a megaphone. She is really just worried about Miss Shachiku’s (as she starts calling her) health.

The episodes are broken up into small sections which each cover a chapter of the manga the anime is adapted from. Early on these are just Fushihara (which the ghost calls Miss Shachiku) and her encounters with the cute ghost who both tries to get Fushihara to leave and also help her with her weary life. Over the course of the show we do see this having its effect, especially once the ghost starts to live with her at her home. Other characters start to show up as the show goes on, notably a cat spirit Myako. Also very adorable that while starting out as a pet is basically adopted along with the little ghost girl as Fushihara’s children.

What else can I call this show but adorable?

Like Dragon Maid, it is a slice of life comedy where a supernatural entity enters a single woman’s life who until then didn’t have too much of a life outside of work? though Fushihara was much more of a workaholic than Kobiyashi was.

This show then comes off as an extremely relaxing watch. Plenty of adorable moments to give you a warm feeling.

Rating: spear spear spear spear 

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