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‘A Musical Wonder World’: The Poozies Concert

Mother Nature forced a postponement of this concert but the attraction of the Gable End Theatre in Hoy was too much to keep our wonderful guests away on 2nd of October.

If it was possible to use letters and writing to mirror this concert these musicians would be out of work. But thank goodness they were there with their fine sounds.

The famous POOZIES consist of Eilidh Shaw, an inventive singer who also gives her fiddle a beautiful voice … Mary McMaster giving a special undertone from her Electroharp whilst singing and Hoy’s Sarah McFadyen with her singing and fiddle playing. Finally the only fella in this nearly all female band was Michael Bryan on guitar.

For many avid followers of this band it is difficult to categorise their music. It certainly isn’t your traditional folk music, it has a comfortable amalgam of origins and influences detectable by the practiced ear including Scandinavian, African and Breton. One of their pieces began with an introduction by a slow violin, light and sharp, gradually growing with the introduction of Michael’s guitar picking and the deep bass hum from Mary’s harp. However, like so many of their pieces, after a gentle pause came a theatre of sound, a tidal wave, a mingling of emotions making waves of colours and textures … this was a musical wonder world.

Talking with others attending, their excitement and joy was palpable as it was for this writer.

Stephen Clancy

Art by Martin Laird

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