Opening Up Access to Research

During the lockdowns of the Covid pandemic access for all the meetings took a major leap forward as groups, organisations, businesses and education made better use of online learning. This meant that wherever a person was they could access the meeting via sites like Zoom.

What more people also became aware of was the Paywalls and restrictions to access publications. It is in the founding documents of The Orkney News that we are free and online.

Many institutions are now taking a closer look at how all of us can access research publications.

Most recently the University of Aberdeen’s academic body Senate has approved a new research publications policy that will enhance the accessibility of University research. It will come into effect in May 2023.

Professor Marion Campbell, Vice-Principal Research at the University of Aberdeen said:

“This is an important step towards more transparent research which is open to all.

“Research across our many disciplines underpins important innovation for the benefit of society.

“Supporting researchers to share their expertise and findings more easily will further strengthen the scientific, social and economic impact of this research and make it more accessible and inclusive.” 

The University Library’s open research team is now developing services and advice to support the policy, which will come into effect in 2023.

University Librarian Simon Bains added:

“I’m delighted that the University has adopted this policy, which will be a huge step forward in our ability to bring our research to all sectors of society.

“The publication of university research should not be limited by the ability to pay, and so we are adopting a more inclusive and equitable way of sharing our work. The Library is committed to open research methods and will work with our academics to ensure their work is accessible to all.”

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