Weather Forecast: Windy and cold with wintry showers.

Information from The Met Office

Today 10th December:

Further wintry showers Saturday, sleet across Orkney but with snow down to lower levels at times across Shetland, settling in the evening. Fresh northeast winds easing. Maximum temperature 5 °C.


Wintry showers continue through Saturday night, gradually falling to lower levels across Orkney as well. Light north to northeast winds. Minimum temperature 1 °C.

Sunday 11th December:

Continuing showery with snow down to lower levels in the early morning, soon turning to sleet. Winds will be light and changeable. Maximum temperature 5 °C.

Outlook for Monday to Wednesday:

Wintry showers falling as sleet Monday turn more to snow down to lower levels at times Tuesday and Wednesday. Cold with light winds.

Updated: 04:00 (UTC) on Sat 10 Dec 2022

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