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‘Stromness Hometown’ : Listen In To The Past

The podcast series, ‘Stromness Hometown’, was created 10 years ago, and will now be available to stream on all the major podcast channels (Amazon, Apple, Spotify, Deezer, etc) with an additional bonus episode at the end.

Each episode of the podcast will be released day-by-day beginning this Friday 16th December. There will be 9 episodes in all, the final one to be released on 24th December.

It was a collaborative project between Stromness Museum and Kolekto partnership, with archive recordings from Orkney Library & Archive, BBC Radio Orkney, Orkney Heritage, and the Estate of George Mackay Brown.

An introduction to the project is available here: https://stromnesshometown.transistor.fm/

10 years ago an audio journey called Stromness Hometown was created, where voices of the past and, what was then, the present told the history of the town. The original version was available on headsets to listen to while you walked. We’re celebrating the 10th anniversary of Stromness Hometown by releasing it on all your usual podcast platforms, so that you can still listen while you walk, but also listen wherever you happen to be. 8 episodes plus a bonus track will be released daily from 16th December 2022.

Things were different 10 years before Stromness Hometown and they’ll be different 10 years from now. What’s valuable about Stromness Hometown is its blend of archive and contemporary recordings, which themselves have now become archive material. So roll back the clock and enjoy Stromness Hometown two thousand and twelve, the anniversary edition.

NARRATORS: Bea Watson / Jake Watson
GUIDE: Erik Park
INTERVIEWERS: Mary Duncan / Diana Leslie / Alasdair Flett / Ingirid Morrison / Savannah Taylor / Mark Jenkins
EDITOR: Mark Jenkins
PROJECT TEAM: Lynn Campbell / Kathleen Ireland / Mark Jenkins / Diana Leslie / Cary Welling / Trustees, Staff and Friends of Stromness Museum
CO-ORDINATOR: Rebecca Marr
ARCHIVE RECORDING ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: Orkney Library & Archive, BBC Radio Orkney, the Estate of George Mackay Brown, Orkney Heritage

A Stromness Museum community project supported by the Scottish Government and the European Community Orkney LEADER 2007-2013 Programme and the Stromness Townscape Heritage Initiative.

© Stromness Museum 2012
All rights of the producers and the owners of the works reproduced reserved. Unauthorised use of these recordings is prohibited.

This link is also where people can access each episode, but they can also look out for the daily links posted by Stromness Museum on social media from 16th December.

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