Sgathaich: Do it Yourself

Ah a new year, many new things to enjoy, a fresh prospect and hopefully less omens of real doom. So, let’s… wait a moment excuse me while I look up what was my last normal review…. OK so this is anime review and the new thing I’ve not reviewed before would then hit next week, okdo… let’s watch a cute anime from the last season.

Do It Yourself is an original anime series, so it hasn’t been adapted from a manga or light novel (though a manga was made of it) so you jump into it unable to go look up what happens later… at least while it was airing.

The show is set in the not-too-distant future judging by architecture and technology. Our lead character Yua Serufu (yes the anime does bring up the name being a play on words) who is extremely laid back but accident prone as well as her old school friend Suride Miku or Purin. Purin attends Yuyu Girls’ Vocational High School for technology which Yua was also going to go to but failed the entrance exam. Purin says it was because she didn’t really try, which is something a later episode does hint towards. So Yua is attending Gatagata Girls’ High School instead. Now I’m happy to say, no there is no school rivalry plot going on that isn’t what this show is about.

After a bike accident Yua is introduced to Yasaku Rei who repairs the bike all on her own. wanting to thank her but a little worried about the reputation Rei has, Yua finds Rei is a member of the DIY club… in fact the only remaining member and basically gets strong armed into joining.

This is now what the anime is, it’s a fun little show about a group of girls in a DIY club making things, all leading up to a shared goal. We get introduced to more characters that soon join and the group tasks they get up to. There isn’t really some grand challenge to overcome and definitely nothing in the design of an antagonist. And that’s fine, it’s a nice chill little show about a group of people in a club, and that’s all it needs to be.

My only real issue came with the character of Juliet Queen Elizabeth VIII. A 12 year old child genius who accidently joined the wrong school by an error in her own translating. She meant to go to Purins school but accidently signed up to Yuas. The element of how smart she is but making that mistake is not the issue I have with her. No its the English, the term used for when an anime has someone say something in “English” and you can clearly tell no they just aren’t really. It can be a bit distracting hearing someone when that is meant to be their first language, yet speak fluent Japanese better.

Still the show is very cute and gives you a warm feeling as friendships and made and their big works come together. It sets up possible “oooh if you don’t get enough people the club will close” at the start but never really has that become a major plot element, instead just focusing on them having fun. And with everything that went on last year, I think that’s the kind of show we should encourage.

Rating: spear spear spear spear

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