Scotland’s Tree Oscars 2023

The 2023 Tree Oscars for Scotland will focus on  climate change and sustainable forest management.

The closing date for entries is 23:59 on Friday March 31, 2023.

For full details, criteria and entry forms see:

Jean Nairn, Executive Director of Scotland’s Finest Woods, responsible for running Scotland’s ‘Tree Oscars’ said:

“This year will see the Climate Change Champion award return as the world looks towards a warming planet and the urgent need to take more action. The wonderful efforts across Scotland to use forests and woodlands to mitigate, adapt and educate everyone about the climate crisis will rightly be recognised.

“This encompasses the forestry and farming sectors as well as schools and communities – all of whom play their part in helping Scotland overcome the environmental challenges facing us all.

“It is important that we continue to appreciate the work done across different sectors to improve our forests and woodlands, which have an incredibly important role to play. They allow us to grow timber for construction rather than having to import it, improve farming, enhance landscapes and make space for recreation. And the huge bonus is that it also allows biodiversity to increase and helps tackle climate change.

 “The awards really are open to anyone with a high-quality project, whether that be a small school nursery or a major forestry business, an expert forester, a community woodland or a farmer.”

There are several category of awards:

Climate Change Champion Award 

Community Woodlands Award 

Farm Woodland Award

New Native Woodland Award 

Quality Timber Awards 

Schools and Early Years Awards 

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