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Housing Needs ? Have Your Say

Orkney Islands Council has launched a consultation process to find out more about the islands Housing Requirements. Housing is in crisis throughout Scotland, rising rents, rising mortgages and in Orkney a shortage of affordable housing, This affects people living here, people moving to Orkney for work and islanders wishing to return.

There are many empty/vacant properties in Orkney and there has been a significant growth in short term lets – many as holiday accommodation. The Scottish Government attempted to address the problem of short term lets with new legislation requiring those offering such accommodation to register. It also increased the powers Local Authorities have in this area. The city of Edinburgh used those powers to have a control zone covering the whole of Edinburgh.

Social and Affordable Housing Completions – Orkney

2022/23 to end Sept00
Social and Affordable Completions 2007 – 2023 Orkney

The above table records the number of houses in Orkney listed as social or affordable housing which were completed from 2007 onwards.

Over the same period 2007 – 2023 the number of Social and Affordable House completions in Shetland was 530 and the Western Isles was 608, compared to 894 for Orkney. For the whole of Scotland the total over this period was 115,558.

In Scotland the private sector is the biggest contributor to overall house building, accounting for over two-thirds (71%) of all homes completed in the 12 months to end June 2022. The Covid pandemic affected new housebuilding starts and completions in April to June 2020 due to lockdown.


Local Authorities have a statutory duty to assist those who are homeless or threatened with homelessness (potentially homeless), including providing accommodation in certain circumstances.

In Scotland the number of people counted as Homeless has increased by 6%. There were 15,414 households assessed as homeless or threatened with homelessness. There were 8 homelessness applications in Orkney.

There was also an increase (1%) of the number of those in temporary accommodation . This included 9,130 children – a 10% increase.

The largest rise in homelessness came in those who rent in the private sector. There was also an increase in those rough sleeping. Homelessness in Scotland

The Housing Survey being conducted for Orkney Islands Council by IBP Strategy & Research is divided into categories.

 Orkney employerplease click here.

Someone who has moved to Orkney or moved within Orkney for reasons of work, or who may wish to do so in the futureplease click here.

Private sector landlordsplease click here.

Studentsplease click here.

The surveys will remain open to Friday 17 February. Anyone who takes part and leaves their details will be entered into a prize draw to win one of 5 sets of £50 shopping vouchers.

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