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Scapa Flow Museum, Lyness, Hoy

The Scapa Flow Museum is impressive and is a must see for visitors to Orkney and islanders.

Known previously as the Lyness Museum, the facility underwent at £4.4million restoration and complete revamp which took 3 years to complete.

Owned by Orkney Islands Council the museum is free to visit and is well laid out for people of all ages and abilities.

There is enough information at each display to interest the visitor and for those who want a bit more there is a space set aside where you can sit and leaf through folders with more detailed accounts. That area also has a space where children can colour in illustrated sheets.

Starboard propeller and shaft HMS Hampshire

Outside the rail lines and larger exhibits can be viewed. There is also a picnic area adjacent to the wildlife pond. There wasn’t enough funding to restore the last remaining oil tank which was once accessible but no longer is. Perhaps that will be completed in the future.

Each section is appropriately decorated with the entrance and cafe a bright contrast. Staff are on hand to explain the layout and answer any questions. There’s a small gift shop for souvenirs from the visit.

This short film is a wee taster of what you might see:

Scapa Flow Museum

9.30am to 4.15pm

  • May-Sep: Mon-Sun
  • Oct-Dec: Tue-Sat
  • Jan-Feb: Closed
  • Mar: Thu-Sat
  • April: Mon-Sat

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