Healthy Know How with #NHS24

NHS 24 have launched their annual spring health campaign ‘Healthy Know How.’ The campaign encourages people in Scotland to make appropriate use of NHS services and to be prepared for common illnesses and ailments over the spring holidays.

The ‘Healthy Know How’ campaign uses TV, radio and digital advertising and promotes health advice and tips featuring the character Billy, along with his son Willy, pet cat Pumpkin and neighbour Molly

Healthy Know How tips include:

  • Check your repeat prescription, order only what you need, in plenty of time
  • Keep some medicines to treat common illnesses at home
  • If you become unwell, NHS inform has useful symptom checkers to help you decide what to do next
  • Be aware that your GP practice and local pharmacy may have amended opening hours over the Easter weekend

Click on this link to access: Healthy Know How NHS Inform

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  1. The first advice reminded me to order my repeat prescription (a little over 2 weeks in advance), as they have been running out of one of them! So, cheers!

    Funny, though, when I tell patients to contact their GP, they either look at me in a strange way or laugh and say, “You’re joking, aren’t you?” The worse thing is, I am not surprised by this reaction, knowing that the NHS is stretched. It’s bad, though 😞

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