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Could Solar Power-up Orkney ? Schools Challenge

Orkney International Science Festival has announced their first competition that will run at this year’s festival.

the rising sun over Orkney with a power line in the sky
Image credit Kenny Armet

Funded by Orkney Renewable Energy Forum, Orkney Sun2 is asking Orkney schools to capture the sun’s energy. They want to know – will these solar panels work in Orkney?

No-one knows the answer to this question. So OREF wants pupils in every Orkney school to test them out in different parts of the Isles.

Schools can request a free kit by emailing dave.craig@scdi.org.uk.

They will receive solar cells and electronic components to wire up for testing.

“We need schools to make a fair test and then we can bring together their results.” explained Dave Craig of the Young Engineers and Science Clubs, an initiative of the Scottish Council Development and Industry.

There are two sections: primary and secondary, teams of up to five pupils can enter.

Tests will be carried out through spring and summer, with the entry deadline Saturday 9 September, when Orkney International Science Festival will be under way. Dave Craig hopes to announce the results during the Festival.

There are prizes of £50 and £25 for the best reports in each section, primary and secondary, with prizes donated by Solar Dynamix and Wire Brigade.

Maha Abhishek, Deputy Festival Director, said:

“We have kits to give away to schools, some have already received their kits but we’d like as many schools as possible to enter so we can capture the sun’s energy in a new way – at your school.”

The results have potential value for Orkney as well and OREF board member Becky Ford is excited to see the results of the challenge:

“Young folk in Orkney will shape the future of the islands, as we face the challenges of climate change and the need for sustainable low carbon energy. Who knows, the results of this challenge may directly shape the development of solar generation in Orkney and inspire the next generation of engineers and scientists. This is exactly the type of project we hoped the OREF Small Grant Scheme would be able to support.”

To find out more visit: Capture The Sun’s Energy At Your School where you can also download a competition pack.

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