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MSP Visits Hope Co Housing Project

Emma Roddick, Highlands and Islands SNP MSP met with some members of the Hope Co-Housing Project on her more recent visit to Orkney.

The Hope Co-Housing project has been featured several times in The Orkney News: Funding Boost to Hope CoHousing Project

low rise buildings set in garden ground
architect’s view of what the Hope Co Housing Buildings would look like

Affordable housing in Orkney, like many rural and island communities is in very short supply. Holiday homes, multiple home ownership, empty properties and prices many locals cannot afford to pay has resulted in a crippling shortage of housing. One demographic badly affected is older people who wish to live independently but with the security that a co housing development would bring them.

Meeting with the MSP the Hope Co Housing   team members explained how their plans to build six eco-aware houses with shared amenities would greatly benefit both tenants and the wider community. 

Emma Roddick said:

“It was fascinating to hear about how the Hope Cohousing project came about and to chat with the team about the many benefits that this style of living can bring to tenants and communities.

“Tackling housing issues has always been my top priority, and it is fantastic to see community-led solutions like this coming together in my region. Local people know best what they need, and I want to listen to them and help empower them to take action based on that.

“This is a really exciting opportunity for both future tenants and the wider community here in Orkney and is something that other rural and island areas can certainly take inspiration from.

“I am very much looking forward to following the project’s progress and seeing it come to life.”

To find out more about the project click on this link: Hope Co Housing

Emma Roddick MSP with 3 member of the Hope Co Housing Team

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