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Bingo at the Deerness Hall

a hall full of people playing Bingo
© Mike Robertson

It was eyes down for a fun family bingo in the Deerness Hall last Saturday.   

people sitting round a table enjoying teach coffee and cakes and playing bingo
Tea and Fancies before the second round. Iris Kemp, Thelma Bruce, Mary Doyle, Alison Skea, Robert Skea © Mike Robertson

Using the equipment bought with help from WHP’s S4GI Community Benefit Fund, the calling software caused considerable amusement as the kids mimicked the rhyming announcements. 

An older woman and two young boys enjoying their drinks and cakes at a table whilst playing bingo
Taking a break from the numbers. Alison Aitken, Kayden Aitken, Ryan Aitken © Mike Robertson

At the half way point we were all refreshed with tea and fancies baked by members of the committee.  Thanks to them and to Isabel Alexander who kept the evening running smoothly.

Mike Robertson

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