Scotland’s Water Scarcity Worsens

While heavy, thundery showers across Scotland have led to some very localised recovery of rivers and groundwater, they have not been enough to sufficiently replenish levels, and conditions continue to get worse.

SEPA has published its latest report, 23rd June 2023

SEPA understands the impacts on businesses facing these challenging conditions and is working to avoid full suspensions on abstractions; where possible, measures to significantly reduce the volume of water taken from rivers and lochs will be implemented. Information and advice can be found here: Water scarcity

Head of Water and Planning at SEPA, Nathan Critchlow-Watton said:

“We know the pressures facing Scottish businesses right know, including Scotland’s farmers, and the importance of the food and drink they produce. That’s why we’re determined to protect our environment whilst supporting Scotland during prolonged dry periods such as this.

“Our approach is proportionate, aiming to help those businesses using the least water and whose activities are most efficient to continue operating.

“This is a temporary position, recognising the impact suspensions can have on businesses, but it’s important abstractors understand the need to work with us now and in future years to adapt to water scarcity.”

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