Letters: Update, Eddie Cummins Archive

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Dear Orkney News,

 Readers of ‘The Orkney News’ might remember my letter asking for information about the last resting place of Eddie Cummins… https://theorkneynews.scot/2023/07/19/letters-readers-can-you-help/ 

Following on from that, Jim Goddin has very generously donated a collection of Eddie’s writing and art-work to the Orkney Library as a long-term loan, and the library staff are adding these to their Archive of Eddie’s work.  

This is to let those who are interested know about it so they can check with the Library to find out when the whole collection becomes accessible to the public – though it won’t be catalogued for several months at least, as they have a backlog of new items waiting to be catalogued. 

Personally, I’m hoping that the Library will have some kind of exhibition of Eddie’s work to mark their new acquisition. 

Jim was also kind enough to show me his collection and reading what’s there makes me think, yet again, that Eddie’s work really does deserve to get continued recognition. 

His poem ‘Flamenco’ – takes you there. 

Yours Bernie Bell, Orkney

the book of poetry by Eddie Cummins which includes his picture 'I Flame at Words'

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