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Dear Orkney News.

 I have been contacted by Elizabeth Reed, of North Carolina, America. 

Elizabeth read an article I wrote in which I express my appreciation of the poetry of Eddie Cummins  https://theorkneynews.scot/2019/12/05/theres-always-an-orkney-connection/ , and having known him when he was in America, when visiting Orkney next year Elizabeth would like to visit his grave. 

I tried in vain to find the whereabouts of Eddie’s grave, and so thought I’d appeal to the people of Orkney to send any info.

to Elizabeth at prairieelr@gmail.com ,

or to me at the following address… Bernie Bell, Velzian, Rendall, Orkney KW17 2EZ 

Yours ,  Bernie Bell

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  1. Eddie was cremated. His ashes were scattered into the sea beside the old pier at The Sands Of Evie

    • Thank you very much for responding. I’ll now forward your message to Elizabeth. We know the place well – and will send a thought to Eddie next time we’re there.

      It’s very fitting that he went into the sea – by Evie Sands.

      Thanks again.

  2. Likewise, nice to know where he is. I’d been misinformed that it was Tingwall pier but Evie sands is a lovely spot.

    • “Evie sands is a lovely spot.” It is indeed.

      Mike is a Marine Biologist, and when he found that Eddie’s ashes had gone into the sea by the pier at Evie Sands, he observed that Eddie will have become part of the eco-system near the pier. His ashes will have become part of the life there, and will still be part of the life there.

      Nothing ceases to be.


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