‘Peace in our time’

Writing in The Orkney Herald at the start of the New Year of 1949, Islandman (aka George Mackay Brown) gives us some words to think on.

The Orkney Herald and Advertiser, 4th January 1949

Another great poet, Hamish Henderson, expressed it thus:

The bay at Rackwick with the high cliffs surrounding it and a lonely person walking across the rounded stones on the shore line towards the sand

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  1. South African born and having lived and worked on three continents, I feel free to call myself Scottish with the song Freedom Come All Ye as a frequent companion on my daily walks. Thanks to HH and GMB and TON.

  2. The Scottish Parliament’s decision not to fly the Israeli flag as a show of solidarity as demonstrated by most civilised western nations, is a national disgrace and one for which Holyrood should hang its head in shame.
    This is particularly deplorable when in the past they have no qualms hoisting the EU and LGBT colours.

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