We might now quickly look up a word in an online dictionary but nothing is so pleasing or informative than to possess a really good dictionary (or several) that you can leaf through. The very best of them include a history of the evolution of the word you are seeking.

black and white book business close up dictionary

National Dictionary Day is held on the birthday of the founder of the American Dictionary, Noah Webster on 16th October 1758.

There is a great power in words.

Many a conqueror will aim to subdue the conquered by attempting to obliterate their language. It is central to identity and using it is a powerful act of resistance in itself.

There is also a great comfort in language familiar to you and a great joy in using it.

‘Here’s the Weather’ by Stuart A. Paterson’ via The Scottish Poetry Library reflects the variety, rhythm and wonderful words Scots provides us with. Here’s an extract.

But who can think of dictionaries without recalling this classic episode from Black Adder the Third

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