The Isles of Scilly Naval Disaster #OnThisDay

On 22nd of October 1707 one of the British Navy’s greatest tragedies – the Isles of Scilly shipwreck of 1707, in which four ships and over 1300 men were lost took place.

Sir Cloudesly Shovel in the Association with the Eagle, Rumney and the Firebrand, Lost on the Rocks of Scilly, October 22, 1707 @Wikimedia Commons

Sir Cloudesley Shovell , Admiral of the fleet, was returning to England on his flagship the Association, and 20 other navy vessels, after  a failed attempt to take Toulon.

Of the ships’ crews, only George Lawrence, quartermaster of the Romney, and 23 men from the Firebrand survived.  The Isles of Scilly disaster was the Navy’s greatest loss in a non-combat situation. The exact number of officers, sailors and marines who were killed in the sinking of the four ships is unknown. See also: Scilly naval disaster of 1707

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